by Alan McMonagle

Directed by Goretti Slevin

Sight Nor Sound theatre

Meet Kitty Clogg, played by Rose Henderson. She lives by herself in Single Street, the oldest street in town, and certain in her belief that she is never going to die. Kitty’s got a few things on her mind. There’s neighbour Phyllis Quirke, determined to ply Kitty with industrial quantities of questionable wine. There’s neighbour Jack, self anointed inventor of the iPod and never slow to remind Kitty about what a crank she is. There’s ex-Yoga master turned cowboy builder, keen to throw up an apartment complex out back of Kitty’s house. Then there’s the mystery of what happened to the main man in Kitty’s life. Here one day, gone the next, without so much as a thank you for the memories.

With her singular attitude, Kitty doles out the warp and woof of her life. And it’s while in the throes of her daily commentaries that the spectre of memory starts to niggle Kitty. So much so that Kitty feels compelled to make one final effort to uncover the truth of her vanished man’s whereabouts.

Venue: Nun’s Island Theatre

Tickets: €15/€12*

Sunday May 5, 7pm

Monday May 6, 4pm

Duration: 50 mins

Galway Theatre Festival