Cornflakes the Movie

Rose Henderson has been awarded a Screen Ireland Actor as Creator Grant to make a short film about Alzheimer’s. We are excited to announce additional funding is being made available by Memory Health who provide nutritional supplements for the prevention and/or treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. (See Memory

This short film will be based on the play, Take Off Your Cornflakes, and will star Rose Henderson and Pat Nolan, with appearances by Sorcha Furlong, Helena White and our own Liam Halligan. We are in pre-production at the moment and will keep you posted on developments. Here is the team:

Director of Photography Noel Brady

Director Liam Halligan

First Assistant Director Sean Nolan

Sound Danilo Zambrano

Production Manager Miriam Duffy

Costume Rowena Cunningham

Choreography Diane Richardson

COVID Compliance Officer Helena White

Editor Noel Brady

Actors:  Rose Henderson (Trish)

               Pat Nolan (Tom)

               Sorcha Furlong (Doctor)

               Helena White (Alzheimer’s Society Facilitator)

               Liam Halligan (Jimmy)