International Women’s Club

Rose was guest speaker at the International Women’s Club, Talbot Hotel Tuesday 16 January, 2018.


This is an extraordinary gathering of women who come from all walks of life and over 26 countries.  They are women who happen to be living in Dublin for anything from 6 months to 6 years.   Often they are the ones who support their husband’s career, and during a posting here, they find schools for their children, and facilitate their smooth acceptance into a new culture.  Meanwhile, as women do worldwide, they support each other, sharing tips for living in this crazy town, interpreting road-signs, explaining the subtleties of our culture as well as helping each other feel at home in whatever way they can.  As well as language classes, fitness classes, yoga, they invite a speaker to the Talbot Hotel once a month, and in January they decided they needed some cheering up, and plummed for a comedian/actress to do just that.  Given the diversity of the audience, I wasn’t sure was this going to be my quietest audience yet, but I need not have feared.  Over 150 women were warm and interested and gave me their full attention.  I did some comedy sketches, talked about creating a career after children, invited them to my upcoming shows, and got them up singing in four-part harmony!!


Thank you for inviting me.