Is Daniel a Registered Gas Installer?


Unfortunately not!  The new RGI safety advert is making waves on all TV channels.  Rose aka “Mary” is a big Daniel O’Donnell fan and thrilled to be welcoming him to her home.  Her room is adorned with Daniel paraphernalia: albums, mugs, embroidered fire guard, hand-painted painting, home made iced cake, cushions.  She is his number one fan.  Serving him hot water out of her best china (Daniel does not drink tea), she apologises for the cold room.  “The boiler is acting up.”  He very kindly offers to take a look at it for her, but I’m afraid he has overstepped a very important safety line!!  Mary asks him to leave – throws him out.  He’s perplexed, but as she pulls down the blind in her drawing room to shut him out, we see it has his lovely face on it, but she is devastated.  Her hero was not a Registered Gas Installer.