A Nightingale Falling by PJ Curtis, directed by Garret Daly and Marting McGlynn

A feature film set in war – torn Ireland in the early 1920’s which was filmed in Daingean and surrounding areas in July 2013

Set against a backdrop of a turbulent, war-torn Ireland in the early 1920’s, this is a story of three people and the unfolding events from a crucial time in their extraordinary and tragic lives.

It is a story of a household and its inhabitants caught in the crucible of the merciless politics, cruelties and hardships of the period. It is also a story of love, of broken hearts, entrapment, desperation, madness and of secrets revealed and darker secrets kept – even to the grave.

Starring Tara Breathnach, Muireann Bird and Gerard McCarthy, ‘A Nightingale Falling’ was filmed entirely on location in Co. Offaly.

It will be released later this year.

Teaser Trailer  http://youtu.be/HkzyLp5K4Dw

The Ulster Orchestra has recorded a full, feature-length film score for the first time, joining only a handful of film scores to be recorded entirely in Ireland.Donegal-born composer Graeme Stewart wrote the music for the Mixed Bag Media film.    Stewart likened the score to “an emotional spectator of the film,” and described it as having “a lyrical and a pastoral quality, featuring woodwind and solo stringed instruments, while at the same time becoming much more symphonic when it needs to.  I got involved in the film after watching the trailer for ‘A Nightingale Falling’ and I just thought it looked like a really beautifully shot film; I was blown away by what Mixed Bag Media has created from PJ Curtis’ book,” Stewart said.