“You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” by Stuart Thomas

Directed by Ronnie McCann
Producer: ZAC Group

Tivoli Theatre

IMG_1452Watch as Katherine leads an exceptional cast including Rose Henderson (Fair City), Seamus Moran (Fair City), Noella Brennan (Fair City), Emma Barry (Fifty One Shades of Maggie) and Karl Bowe (Mr Ireland) through a story of family ups and downs in the way only Katherine Lynch can. This is a show guaranteed to have you laughing all the way home. A night not to be missed!

Middle-aged Barbara’s broken-hearted when hubby Henry dumps her. But soon she’s having the best sex of her life with hunky Zak, the much younger handyman who’s artexing her box room.

Mags, Barbara’s sister, played by Katherine Lynch is a serial singleton, who is addicted to Tinder and one night stands. What will Mags and Marie say when they find out about Babs and Zak? And is Zak too good to be true? And what if Henry changes his mind?

Crammed with laughs, tears and songs like ‘I’m In the Mood for Dancing’, ‘I Will Survive’, ‘Happy’ and of course, ‘You Don’t Bring Me Flowers’, this heart-warming, raunchy comedy about love will be your best night out this year!


Friday and Saturday nights at the Tivoli for the month of April, 2016
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Presented by the Zac Group.

All Sorts of Wild Reports – Women of 1916 – Findlater’s Church

Dublin: One City One Book

‘All sorts of wild reports have been circulated about the enemy. We met a detachment of the Veteran Corps marching to Greystones who told us: ‘bad news from Dublin. All the wires cut, street fighting already in progress, and very few soldiers about’ From the Diary of Monica Roberts

On Wednesday 20th April at 7 p.m. a special evening featuring dramatised descriptions of the 1916 Rising will take place in Abbey Presbyterian Church (Findlater’s) on Parnell Square. In what promises to be a highlight of the Dublin: One City One Book Festival, the experiences of a diverse group of women during the fighting of Easter week, will be brought to life by actors, complemented by singers and musicians from the Royal Irish Academy of Music.

We will hear the voices of women who recorded their experiences of the Rising. It is the story of women as soldiers, nurses, cooks, gun-runners, gossips, hostesses and writers. Excerpts are taken from the diaries and letters of volunteer nurses Nora and Jean Fitzpatrick, visiting opera singer Elsie McDermid, labour activist Rosie Hackett and diarist Monica Roberts.

Dublin: One City, One Book is an award-winning Dublin City Council initiative, led by Dublin City Public Libraries, which encourages everyone to read a book connected with the capital city during the month of April every year.
This year’s Dublin: One City One Book choice is Fallen by author Lia Mills and the setting in Findlater’s Church for All Sorts of Wild Reports is significant as Katie, the main character in Fallen, lived in Rutland Square (now called Parnell Square).

Show created and produced by Rose Henderson.

Actors performing at the event: Catherine Byrne, Rose Henderson, Isobel Mahon, Jennifer O’Dea and Kerrie O’Sullivan.

RIAM singers performing are Lorna Breen (soprano), Eimear McCarthy Luddy (mezzo soprano) and Peter Manning (baritone).

RIAM pianist – Keith Stears

Admission is free, booking is essential.

Weighing In by Ger Gallagher

Weighing In


Mon 23 November – Sat 5 December 2015 at 8.15pm
Booking: 01-4627477

Director: Caroline Fitzgerald

Starring: Rose Henderson and Isobel Mahon



Reviewer: Rachel Rafferty – The Public Reviews

Probably one of the most appealing features of Ger Gallagher’s hilarious comedy, Weighing In is that at its heart is an all too familiar story that centers on two major aspects of women’s lives – identity and the body. Uproariously satirizing society’s contemporary obsession with the body beautiful, this two-hander is set in a small town in rural Ireland. The plot revolves around the svelte and hugely driven, blow in, Pam McGowan (Isobel Mahon) and the more amply proportioned, local Breda Lynch (Rose Henderson). Both are members of the nearby Easi-Slim clinic, but the difference is Pam having already lost a whole four stone has the prestige of being a life-long member while Breda is struggling. The two women bond, as the super-fit, Pam takes on Breda as her protégé in the battle of the bulge. Steered along by Pam’s leadership, a mixture of pep talks, pop psychology and power walks, Breda eventually begins to see results. However, as their friendship develops, an interesting parallel in the relationship emerges, for just as Breda drops the weight, so also does Pam drop her carefully, controlled veneer

The action takes place on the housewives’ power walks and Gallagher’s sharply funny dialogue is evident throughout. Pam and Breda lament for example, the unfortunate Dolores, who though a long-term attendee of the clinic actually got so fat she needs help to get up on the scales. Fitzgerald’s clean direction is obvious in this energetic, fast paced performance.

The actors also have a great rapport – Mahon’s Pam is a very heightened performance, a parody of a manic control-freak becoming almost cartoonish at times. Yet, she instills just enough humanity into the role to save it from veering over into caricature. This is tempered by Henderson’s very grounded Breda, down to earth, mammyish, plumb and pleasant.

At interludes, the offstage, voice of the Class Leader, in the form of Rosaleen Linehan’s voiceover adds to the fun. She dispenses tips, and advice, much of couched in those tired clichés that are the mainstay of most slimming clubs. Such hackneyed slogans as: ‘Fridge pickers wear bigger knickers.’

The play works on a deeper level also, positing the idea that obsessive dieting is just a fetish hiding a deeper need. The question is: what brings happiness? Pam is wealthy and gorgeous, but lonely, while the frumpy Breda’s home life is fulfilling and happy!


Reviewer: Frank L. No More Workhorse

We are constantly being told that obesity is a killer disease and we all need to eat less, to eat more wisely and to exercise. The first week in January after the excesses of the festive season is an entirely appropriate time to return to this less than amusing topic. Maybe an upstairs theatre in Dublin’s most iconic café, Bewleys in Grafton Street, is not the ideal venue in which to encourage eating less but that no way inhibits Breda (Rose Henderson) nor Pam (Isobel Mahon). Pam is new in town but is a long time successful member of Easi-slim (think target weight achieved, 4 stone lost, power walking guru, life time free membership); Breda shall we say is less successful and the problems of being a good wife and mother to her two sons have diverted her from success at Easi-slim. Pam brooks no arguments as she decides to take Breda in hand. They become bosom pals as they keep unwanted calories and needed exercise firmly in their sights.

Henderson and Mahon complement each splendidly in a two hander which takes a fair old swipe at the slimming industry. At the regular weigh-ins which take place weekly, the voice (off stage) of the Easi-slim guru (Rosaleen Linehan) gives advice, makes comments on the weekly weight losses, if any, and throws in for good measure some home truths as “encouragement” for those fighting the flab.

The inflections in her voice and the variety of its tones make a great foil for Breda and Pam to drive forward comically with their own personal battles which are not just about weight.

Losing weight is no laughing matter but adding humour to the ingredients must help the task to be a little bit easier. Weighing In has the right mixture of the difficulties and the obsessiveness which are likely to be encountered in any diet leavened by the comic script of Ger Gallagher, which is delivered with considerable skill by Rose Henderson and Isobel Mahon, that there is more than a good chance that smiles will dance merrily along the lips. In fact a large cream bun in Bewleys might be just what is needed to celebrate the inner glow that this production radiates!



Reviewer:  Emer O’Kelly Sunday Independent


The lovely Emer O’Kelly hated Weighing In but I give you the grudging compliments she couldn’t ignore:


Rose Henderson’s endearing Breda is directed with her usual professionalism by Caroline FitzGerald,  The audience at Bewley’s Cafe Theatre in Grafton Street at luncthime, 95% of them women, adored it.  It is a relaxed way of spending a lunchtime hour.



Late Lunch Live TV3

Isabelle and I spent a very pleasant afternoon in TV3 chatting to Lucy and Martin about our forthcoming tour of Weighing In.  This show has done 14 weeks this year already in the Mill Theatre, the Civic, the Viking, and the Axis.  Our next outing is just before Christmas at the Mermaid in Bray on 17 and 18 December at 8pm.

Late Lunch Live dug out photos of Grabbit from Pajo’s Junkbox, Sister Assumpta from Father Ted gorging on chocolate and Isabelle with the cast of Glenroe.  Adrian cooked us some rather tasty chicken with a leek and onion dressing, and I’m afraid I spurned his hot chocolate and chilli drink.  Can’t win em all!  See the Weighing In Facebook page for details of tour dates.  Theatres include, Bewleys, the new Dolmen Theatre in Cabinteely, the Everyman in Cork, Droichead Arts Centre Co. Meath, Glor Co. Clare, Dunamaise Co Laoise, Galway Town Hall and the Ramor Theatre Co. Cavan.


Isabelle and Rose on the set of Late Lunch Live

Isabelle and Rose on the set of Late Lunch Live

Alzheimer Cafe

The Dominican Sisters have expanded a nationwide initiative which offers information and support to people with dementia and their families, with the launch of the 13th  Alzheimer Cafe on Thursday this week.

Fair City star Rose Henderson, whose father has Alzheimer’s, launched the newest Alzheimer Cafe in Santa Sabina House on the grounds of the Dominican Campus, situated on the Navan Road, Dublin.

The cafe offers information and support with an opportunity to socialise in an informal environment.  They are also attended by healthcare professionals and are combined with a presentation on an issue relating to dementia.

The new Alzheimer Cafe on the Navan Road will run on the first Thursday of every month from 7 to 9pm.  It is free of charge.  Alzheimer Cafes are located in Dublin, Kildare, Sligo, Wexford, Tipperary, Cork, Carlow, Kilkenny, Meath and Wicklow.



Books and Music

Two of Life’s Greatest Pleasures

Wednesday 5th November 2014

St. George’s Hall Dublin Castle


Rose Henderson and Bryan Murray read exerpts from novels which use music as their setting, which try to describe the process of musical expression or which try to put into words the effect that music has on our soul.

Novels include the Bible, A Long Long Way by Sebastian Barry, Ghost Moth by Michele Forbes, High Fidelity by Nick Hornby, the Pearl by John Steinbeck, Strumpet City by James Plunkett, Nora Webster by Colm Toibin, The Shipping News by Annie Proulx and Ulysses by James Joyce.

Music includes the Arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Handel, Ave Maria by Schubert sung by soprano Michelle Smith, Habanera from Carmen by Georges Bizet sung by soprano Eimear McCarthy Luddy, Paperback Writer by the Beatles, Duet from the Pearl Fishers by Georges Bizet, sung by tenor Callan Coughlan and baritone Sean Boylan,  the Wedding March by Mendlessohn, Tis the Last Rose of Summer by Thomas Moore, sung by soprano Michelle Smith, Sailing By by Ronald Binge, and Love’s Old Sweet Song by J. L. Molloy sung by baritone Sean Boylan.  The Royal Academy of Music Chamber Orchestra accompanied with Seho Lee on piano, and they were directed by Elizabeth Csibi.

The programme was compiled by Rose Henderson with input from Jane Alger, Derek Seymour and Bryan Murray.


Dublin UNESCO City of Literature, Dublin City Libraries, Royal Irish Academy of Music, the OPW and Dublin Castle.


WEIGHING IN by Ger Gallagher

Directed by Caroline FitzGerald

Next Performances:  Monday 14 September – Sat 26th at 8pm – Dolmen Theatre, Cabinteely

Booking 087-1018202


The Easi-Slim diet clinic in Clones town hall has just signed up a new member.  Upwardly mobile Pam McGowan (Isobel Mahon) has cruised into town in her soft top sports car.  Pam has reached her target weight and has only signed up to maintain and brag about the four stone she’s lost.  Breda (Rose Henderson) has been attending meetings for quite some time but just can’t manage to reduce her waistline until Pam comes along and whips her into shape.

Breda becomes a disciple of the high-priestess of low carbs and is bowled over by just how fabulous Pam really is.  The jet-set lifestyle, perfect family and of course low calorie intake all point to the fact that Pam has a life every woman strives for.  However, when Pam’s mask begins to slip, Breda is reminded that things aren’t always how they appear.

Irish Mail on Sunday June 8, 2014

It’s a pity every lunchtime show is not as infectiously enjoyable as Weighing In (Mill Theatre, Dundrum until June 14) **** a delightful look at hysteria of the weight-loss industry.

Isobel Mahon gives a superb comic performance to bring the manically obsessive Pam alive, while Rose Henderson’s Breda is a great foil, with her enthusiastic but more balanced approach, and finally shows the advantage of never losing the human touch.



This two hander lets Rose Henderson (Breda) and Isobel Mahon (Pam) give a quality comedy turn, both looking relaxed and at ease playing against each other, and looking like they are having a fun time as well. Henderson’s stretching exercises moment is a wonderful example of physical, expressive comedy that by itself drew big laughs.

This is an entertaining piece, that will leave a smile on your face, particularly if you have ever gone to any of these meetings, as you decide what to do for the rest of your evening, if not the thought that you have seen something totally new and different.

http://www.the skinnydollsjourney.blogspot.ie/2014/05/weighing-in-not-weigh-in.html

Get yourself to the Civic Theatre in Tallaght to see ‘Weighing in’… A very funny play about the weekly weigh ins we’ve all experienced be it Weight Watchers or Slimming World or Unislim… It’s about an unlikely friendship that develops between two class members at ‘Easi-Slim’ …
I went with a really good friend and everything we had talked about an hour before the play at dinner …. was pretty much played back to us verbatim… Priceless!!! and if you can’t laugh at yourself all hope is lost!
It’s just over an hour long and you will laugh for most of it… and for the rest of it has that feel good factor that you get from a good friend who understands you… It’s a charming story about friendship and camaraderie… It’s about how people from all walks of life bond over syns and propoints… and it’s very very funny…
Big fat thumbs up from me but be quick it was a sell out in Dundrum the first time and the first few nights in Tallaght are sold out already!!!

Weighting in is a fast-paced comedy about life, love and dieting and how we all need to adjust the scales to find the right balance.

A Nightingale Falling by PJ Curtis, directed by Garret Daly and Marting McGlynn

A feature film set in war – torn Ireland in the early 1920’s which was filmed in Daingean and surrounding areas in July 2013

Set against a backdrop of a turbulent, war-torn Ireland in the early 1920’s, this is a story of three people and the unfolding events from a crucial time in their extraordinary and tragic lives.

It is a story of a household and its inhabitants caught in the crucible of the merciless politics, cruelties and hardships of the period. It is also a story of love, of broken hearts, entrapment, desperation, madness and of secrets revealed and darker secrets kept – even to the grave.

Starring Tara Breathnach, Muireann Bird and Gerard McCarthy, ‘A Nightingale Falling’ was filmed entirely on location in Co. Offaly.

It will be released later this year.

Teaser Trailer  http://youtu.be/HkzyLp5K4Dw

The Ulster Orchestra has recorded a full, feature-length film score for the first time, joining only a handful of film scores to be recorded entirely in Ireland.Donegal-born composer Graeme Stewart wrote the music for the Mixed Bag Media film.    Stewart likened the score to “an emotional spectator of the film,” and described it as having “a lyrical and a pastoral quality, featuring woodwind and solo stringed instruments, while at the same time becoming much more symphonic when it needs to.  I got involved in the film after watching the trailer for ‘A Nightingale Falling’ and I just thought it looked like a really beautifully shot film; I was blown away by what Mixed Bag Media has created from PJ Curtis’ book,” Stewart said.